Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Zihuatanejo "HELEN KREBS POSSE"

Casa Marina Paseo del Pescador 9, Col. Centro Zihuatanejo,Gro.México
Tel (7) 554 - 2373 Fax (7) 554 - 3533
* Afiliada a la Asociación Humanitaria Mexicana, A.C. AHMA

The "Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Zihuatanejo" ( Society for the Protection of Animals of Zihuatanejo) was founded in 1982 by the late Mrs. Helene Krebs Posse, a long-time Zihuatanejo resident who also raised her family here. She began without adequate installations and funded it entirely out of her own pocket. The idea came about due to the obvious need to care for, attend to, rehabilitate and provide refuge for hundreds of wild and domestic animals which had been abandoned, abused, neglected and injured in the streets, beaches and surrounding countryside. They had been previously left to their fate to die in slow, painful agony, subject to thirst, hunger, injuries and illness.

The fundamental principal which inspired the foundation of the SPAZ-HKP and which guides each one of its projects, programs and activities is the avoidance of the unnecessary suffering of animals. In order to achieve this we propose and carry out the following activities:

* Give refuge to all abandoned, lost, sick, injured or abused animals of any species.
* Provide treatment and rehabilitation for wildlife and release them anew.* Provide a permanent adoption program for domestic animals.
* Euthanize by humanitarian means wild or domestic animals which are sick or wounded and beyond hope for recovery as well as the excess of domestic animals for which no home can be found.
* The SPAZ-HKP manages a permanent sterilization campaign at low cost for proven low-income owners of dogs and cats.
* Supervise the correct application of methods of sacrifice in the municipal slaughterhouses.
* Collaborate with the authorities in vaccination campaigns, control of harmful fauna and halt the illegal commerce and hunting of endangered wildlife.
* Make the public aware of the Animal Protection Law in the state of Guerrero, advising them of the manner in which to make accusations legally upheld before the competent authorities.

* Promote coordination between the SPAZ-HKP and the authorities in order to facilitate the recommendations made by the Sociedad to those responsible for writing the infractions to the previously mentioned law by individuals and/or authorities.
* With the registration of new members we plan to establish a permanent program of education and awareness focusing on the humane treatment towards animals, directed especially at the new generations in elementary and secondary schools.
* Establish an annual award to the most deserving of those in favor of animal rights in the region among the citizenry and another award for public functionaries. Also, extend recognition and condemnation as often as necessary to those individuals or functionaries for their actions in favor of or against the mistreatment of animals.
* The SPAZ-HKP has the capacity to respond to emergency calls in order to end the suffering of an animal recently hit by a car, maimed or dying abandoned in the street, and for those animals reported with chronic illnesses wandering about alone.

The Sociedad is overseen by a board of directors which is renewed each year. Its president is Natalia Rodríguez Krebs, its treasurer is Adriana Sánchez Zoletto, and its veterinarian is Enrique Rodríguez Krebs. It includes 20 members, among them active members and collaborators. An employee is in charge of the reception, feeding, cleaning and care of the animals.

The board of directors together with its members assembles to hold meetings the first Saturday of each month at 8:00 PM. There they are informed of the advances of the programs and the financial state of affairs, as well as to welcome new members. Persons interested in applying for membership may do so by calling beforehand and attending any of these meetings.

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